A Sweep of the Broom for the North Interchange

In the beginning of January, Norbert and Zacheri told me about an invitation from the Federation of Associations in the province of Kadiogo (the province of which Ouagadougou is the capital). Teeli Tissé was invited to come help with an “event” that the Federation was planning – to clean up the North Interchange. The planners knew that Teeli Tissé had previously been based in that place. They wanted Teeli Tissé to help clean, and prune bushes and trees. Teeli Tissé offered to donate and plant more than 200 new trees. Continue reading A Sweep of the Broom for the North Interchange

News about Teeli Tissé

Last month I participated in an event in which associations, including Teeli Tissé, helped clean part of the north interchange in Ouagadougou. Teeli Tissé members donated and planted more than two hundred trees. While we wait for permissions to publish that post, I will write a bit about news and updates I’ve gathered over the last couple of months. Continue reading News about Teeli Tissé

Building Social Capital: “La Maternité”

On August 8th, Teeli Tissé held a ceremony at the local government health center (Centre de Santé et de Promotion Sociale), which they call “la maternité” because this is where the women in their lives give birth. But children and men are also cared for at the center, making it a very important place in their lives, an important place to plant trees. Continue reading Building Social Capital: “La Maternité”

Building Social Capital: Traditional Healers and Municipal Halls

After meeting with the chiefs (described two posts ago), representatives of Teeli Tissé attended a meeting of a network of practitioners of traditional medicine, donated trees to the municipal halls of the two arrondissements that their site overlaps, and donated trees and equipment to the local health center. This post will talk about the first two visits. Continue reading Building Social Capital: Traditional Healers and Municipal Halls

Visiting the Chiefs

The land where most of Teeli Tissé’s nurseries are located lies on the border of two neighborhoods, Bissighin and Kilwin. Once, before Ouagadougou spread north to incorporate them, these neighborhoods were independent villages with their own chiefs. The chiefs remain as customary heads of the neighborhoods and every other year or so Teeli Tissé pays them a visit of respect. This year’s visit took place on Monday the 27th of July. Continue reading Visiting the Chiefs